Warrawong High School

New Warrawong High School lift boosts its many students with a disability.

The challenge to get to and from classes is now much easier for Borce Petreski and other Warrawong High School students with a disability. The installation of a $500,000 lift at the school means students such as Borce no longer have to rely so much on teachers aides to move around the school. Support unit head teacher Jeff Bailey said the much-needed lift also meant students would now be able to spend more time learning than actually commuting to class.

Before the lift was installed the trip to classes cut about 10 minutes out of lesson time for students like 17-year-old Borce. ‘’The lift really was imperative for our school,’’ Mr Bailey said. ‘’We have the largest support unit on the South Coast. We have eight classes here for our 75 students with a disability. ‘’These kids need to access three different levels in the school to access our support classrooms which all have specific learning resources in them. ‘’The lift will be advantageous really to all our students as well as to our staff.’’

Mr Bailey praised principal Rick Coleman for his part in securing the lift for the school. ‘’It’s a win for students and the support staff,’’ he said.

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