Our Approach

JPA&D is a Sydney based architecture and design practice focused on providing a high level of quality and service to our clients. Creative and well thought through design is backed up by thorough documentation, coordination and clear client communication.

Our aim is to make our clients happy, to have happy staff, to design responsibly in terms of economics, environment and client requirements and to continually improve the way we work and the outcomes we achieve..

How we work

JPA&D have a commitment to creating quality projects that reconcile environmental, social and economic concerns.

Our aim is to create environments that satisfy our clients’ requirements and exceed their expectations. To achieve this we aim to form a working partnership with our clients. We focus on clear communication so as to produce high quality documentation and dedicated service. We work as a team both within our own organisation and with our clients and other consultants.

The practice employs creative and dedicated architects, interior designers and supporting professionals who are involved in a wide range of projects for both the public and private sectors.

Our commitment, experience and expertise have led to many successful projects and long-term relationships with clients resulting in much repeat business.

Our designs aim to incorporate environmental responsibility, cultural integration, equitable access and economic feasibility to create projects that provide long-term solutions for clients, their personnel and the wider community..

Environmental Responsibility

JPA&D is committed to environmentally responsible design. We believe that designing with the environment in mind does not necessarily mean a higher economic cost to the client.
Environmentally responsible design requires a change in the thought processes at the design stage, an understanding of the ‘green’ products in the market place and a refocusing of the basis on which choices and decisions are made. It is certainly challenging to design in a way that harnesses our environment’s finite resources so that it neither economically penalises our clients of today nor limits the prospects of future generations.

Diversity and Accessibility

JPA&D believes that Australian communities contain a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, belief systems, physical and mental abilities and family structures. We aim to create environments that take account of the diversity within our society and acknowledge that all members of society contribute to it. Central to this is the goal of providing equitable access both physical and cultural to all members of society to assist them in reaching their full potential.

Economic Considerations

JPA&D understands that financial issues are of crucial importance to our clients and as such our work reflects a realistic and practical attitude to project expenditure. We focus our recommendations for expenditure on areas that will provide the greatest real benefit to the client.


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