Illawarra Schools upgrade

Year: 2017
Client: NSW Department of Finance & Services
Location: Illawarra region, NSW

In 2016 JPA&D undertook the design of lifts, ramps and bathrooms to improve the quality of access to six schools in the Illawarra Region. The main focus was to increase access for students with disabilities.
All of the schools required ramps and some, notably at Nareena Hills Public School and Bomaderry High School had a requirement for ramps that were very extensive. The costs to construct the larger ramps in concrete would have been significant so JPA&D researched alternative materials that would provide robust performance, minimal maintenance and aesthetic appeal.
New lifts were provided at Warrawong and Illawarra Sports High and these were constructed externally to the existing structure but integrated with the existing building to provide direct access from existing corridor spaces.
Bathrooms were upgraded at Illawarra Sports High School and Bomaderry high School to provide new toilet, shower and change facilities for students with disabilities.