Powerhouse Museum Castle Hill Building I

Year: 2016
Client: Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
Location: Castle Hill NSW

In 2014 JPA&D were engaged to design a massive 9000 square metre storage building known as Building I, to provide world class storage conditions for the collections of three of the state’s cultural institutions; The Australian Museum, Sydney Living Museums and The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.
The facility houses a vast range of objects and materials so secure entry foyers and transit rooms have been provided for their safe movement and control, ensuring both vermin fee and climatic specific requirements are met. Office accommodation is provided for the specialists that care for and research the collections.
JPA&D were also engaged to undertake the design of the internal fitout of the storage facility. This included a diverse range of types of storage units to accommodate the variety of items held in the collections. Whilst some units were new others were already existing and needed to be refurbished to provide a fresh, clean and cohesive appearance. Special storage units were also designed to store doors, spears and other unusual items.


Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
Museum Discovery Centre