Office of State Revenue

Year: 2016
Client: NSW Department of Finance & Services
Location: Parramatta, NSW

JPA&D were invited to design and document the refurbishment of two existing spaces for the Office of State Revenue to provide collaborative working environments.
The Collaborative Hub required a new meals area and flexible furniture with collaborative walls of pinboard and whiteboard to facilitate communication in collaborative working, meetings, conferences and seminars. JPA&D worked with the end users to develop a colour scheme to suit their tastes and developed furniture options to provide maximum moveability and flexibility. The design for the collaborative walls combined coloured strips of pinboard to create a dramatic effect as well as a useable wall space. A charge bench was designed to enable laptops and other items to be recharged without obstructing the floor or taking up workspace. Sophisticated audio visual equipment was incorporated into this space. The corridor was enlivened with new paint finishes, an upgraded tea prep bench and new colourful secure lockers.
On level 6 existing workstations were reconfigured and new colours were added. A new space was created that was lined with collaborative walls of striped pin board and white board and was separated from the workstations by a glass writable wall. Movable furniture in a bright colour palette enlivened the space and made it flexible for a variety of meeting and collaborative working types.