JPA&D Office

JPA&D Breakout space

Year: 2022
Client: JPA&D Australia Pty Ltd
Location: Ultimo, NSW.

When JPA&D expanded our workspace across two office suites we took the opportunity to fully refurbish the spaces to improve the facilities for our staff and clients.
The increase in remote working and virtual meetings brought new technology to meeting spaces to enable better collaboration with colleagues and clients both inside and outside the physical office space.
The open ceiling of the warehouse space was retained and new linear lighting, sit to stand desks, and planting was incorporated into the design. Joinery finished in sustainably sourced blackbutt veneer provides storage and
kitchen facilities as well as the opportunity to display objects. Heavy velvet curtains create flexibility within the space and control views and sound with additional acoustic treatment introduced in ceiling panels above meeting
tables. A variety of storage solutions were developed to accommodate books, journals, hard copy large format documents and the sample library. Existing shelving was reused with the sample library being wrapped in mild steel sheet. The placement of original artwork was included from the early design concept with many pieces by Ross Thornton.