Garryowen House

Year: 2022
Client: FDC
Location: Rozelle, NSW

Garryowen House at Callan Park in Rozelle, dates from 1840 when its verandah surface was comprised of sandstone flagging. This was replaced by hexagonal asphalt pavers in the 1880s when the House was part of the Callan Park Hospital for the Insane. Although repair and replacement of some pavers had occurred previously, by 2022 the asphalt pavers were generally worn and presented a trip hazard.
Create NSW engaged JPA&D to help them address the issue. Following extensive research into the likely original sandstone flagging and the 1880s asphalt pavers, a proposal was put forward to replace the pavers with sandstone flagging. As the asphalt pavers were evidence of a significant period in the building’s life, following discussions with the client, council and other stakeholders, a sample area of the asphalt pavers was retained within the new sandstone flagging with explanatory signage. New tactile ground surface indicators were also installed to comply with current building standards.