DFSI Levels 8 and 9 MQT

Year: 2015
Client: The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Location: Parramatta, NSW

Public Works NSW engaged JPA&D to design and document the reconfiguration of two existing floors so as to meet NSW Workplace and Properties new accommodation standards. Independent but thematically linked colour schemes were developed to identify the two distinct floor fitouts.
The design created an open plan, Activity Based Workplace with self-storage facilities for personnel‘s work output and belongings. Various styles of meeting spaces were incorporated into the design; enclosed acoustically treated conference rooms, medium and small meeting rooms, open plan collaborative spaces and stand up benches for brief discussions or standing work activities.
Collaborative spaces were developed in a variety of formats. ‘Collaborative Hubs’ were designed with high-backed lounge seating and coffee tables for small or impromptu meetings, whilst a ‘Collaborative Round’ provided a tiered space which incorporated hexagonal lounge seating and a standing bench to facilitate two-tiered participation in meetings and presentations. Sophisticated audio visual equipment was incorporated into this space.








The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI)