Casula Library Garden

Year: 2021
Client: Liverpool City Council
Location: Casula, NSW

Liverpool City Council wanted to expand the space of the Casula Library into the outdoors and engaged JPA&D to undertake a fully accessible garden design. The existing doors and threshold from the building were modified to provide equitable access to a sensory garden with accessible pathways, garden beds and seating options. The area was surrounded by a fence that facilitated the growth of climbing plants and provided windows onto the adjoining sports fields. A pergola was designed along the walk in front of the windows to provide shade for garden users. Perennial herbs, rosemary and lavender were specified for their scent and other plants were selected for a variety of colour and texture. Different paving and ground covers were used to create different areas to the garden including a ‘story lawn’ where people can gather for readings with the option to sit on groundcovers, raised platforms or more traditional seats with paved areas created to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters.