Cardno Wollongong

Year: 2018
Client: Cardno
Location: Wollongong, NSW

JPA&D won the tender to design the new offices for Cardno in Wollongong in 2017. The brief was to create a safe, healthy and compliant environment that was functional and cost-effective and was adaptable to new ways of working and new technologies. The space created was to be visually stimulating and to provide a working environment that promoted a positive work culture and high staff satisfaction.
The underside of the ceiling slab and all the services were left exposed and sprayed black, planters were introduced between banks of workstations and a ‘greenwall’ was installed behind the reception counter. In key spaces such as the meeting rooms and reception area feature ceiling panels were included to assist with acoustic control. A variety of meeting spaces lead of the reception area which can accommodate small casual meetings as well as large formal presentations. The meeting rooms can be altered by the use of operable walls to create a variety of configurations.
A large staff lunch and games room was created that provided a fully fitted kitchen and space for the table tennis table as well as a variety of seating configurations. Within the main office space a variety of workstation types were provided with offices, quiet rooms and break out areas. A collaborative work space at the centre of the floor plan was equipped with in-built storage, interchangeable seating blocks, white boards, pinboards and power and data to enable a flexible and collaborative work experience.