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New Wallsend fire station opens

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Edited from Brodie Owen and Renee Valentine | Local News.
Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.

At the official opening of the new station on Friday, station captain Robert Walker said the occasion marked a “momentous day” for Wallsend. “This infrastructure enables us to better serve the community of Wallsend,” he said.

Wallsend Fire Station 2

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Wallsend Fire Station 5
Dancers from Plattsburg Public School warming up ahead of the new Wallsend fire station’s opening on Friday.

Wallsend Fire Station 6


Wallsend Fire Station

Year: 2017
Client: Fire & Rescue NSW
Location: Wallsend, NSW

JPA&D were engaged by Fire and Rescue NSW through NSW Public Works, Hunter Region, to undertake the design and documentation of a new Fire Station at Wallsend near Newcastle.

The Wallsend Fire Station was designed to initially be utilised by retained fire fighters and permanent staff. However future expansion for a fully permanently staffed station also needed to be considered.
The site was challenging as it sloped away from the road and was affected by mine subsidence. Major work was undertaken to remediate the site and provide a level and stable earth platform for the construction of the building.

The brief required a new fire station to better meet the needs of firefighters serving the local community on the new site located at Summerland Road, Wallsend. The new facility provides a double engine bay, office and watch room to better meet operational needs. Modern male and female bathrooms and locker areas, fitness room, and accessible toilet facilities were also be provided. Storage for Personal Protection Equipment and Breathing Apparatus were incorporated within the engine bay. A Large Mess and Training room with associated kitchen facilities enhanced the staff facilities.

Water storage tanks, a solar hot water service and photo voltaic cells for electricity generation were also part of the works to offset the environmental foot print of the project.


Ballina Fire Station

Year: 2015
Client: Fire & Rescue NSW
Location: Ballina, NSW




Ballina Fire Station

FRNSW Ballina 6

JPA&D were engaged by Fire and Rescue NSW, through NSW Public Works, Hunter Region, to design and document the new Ballina Fire Station and Northern Rivers Zone office on a 4,659 sqm site in Ballina, NSW. The design provided for the relocation of the existing Ballina station firefighters, equipment and Zone Office staff to the new building which considered the needs for future expansion in the design.

The Fire Station provided for a double appliance (fire engine) bay, training and meal facilities, a control centre, office accommodation, a fitness room, amenities and storage for personal protection and other equipment. In the Zone Office flexible spaces for conferences and training opened out onto a screened courtyard. A large kitchen and staff amenities served both the conference component and the pen plan and cellular office spaces for staff.

The buildings for the two separate operations are linked with a covered breezeway which provides recreational space for those working in the buildings and is designed to enable co-mingling between the two groups.

Fundamental to the project was enabling improved response times, improved incident management, improved workplace health and safety for firefighters and creating functional space to meet the needs of the diverse staff and equipment of a modern fire service.


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