Renault Haberfield

Year: 2014
Client: AMR Motors Pty Ltd
Location: Haberfield NSW



Renault Haberfield


Following work with Renault Australia to implement the Renault design standards locally, JPA&D were invited to undertake a significant refurbishment of an existing motor vehicle showroom for AMR motors and to develop it as a flagship Renault dealership. The concept involved the removal of the existing buildings roof, extension of the perimeter walls and addition of a new roof so as to provide a double height display space and a mezzanine level for offices as well as staff accommodation and facilities. This allows supervision of the display floor from the mezzanine level.

The ground floor is largely dedicated to the display of vehicles but also contains a sales office, reception counter, client waiting area and facilities. Renault corporate signage and display elements give the showroom the distinctive Renault look with the strong corporate yellow used for feature walls within the interior. Vehicle egress from the showroom is provided by a fold up glazed panel door that accentuates the thrill of new vehicle delivery. High performance glazing was used to meet the client requirements for extensive glazing on a facade that faced due west.

The basement of the building was refurbished to provide on-site vehicle storage, and emergency egress was upgraded to comply with current Australian standards.

Landscaping works were undertaken to allow for vehicle display and to provide screening to plant and equipment as well as to enhance the site presentation to the street.


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